Indeed, if there is one thing this early season has shown us, it’s that the Mets have far superior depth than the Marlins and possibly fewer flaws than the Nationals
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Bush used to be denounced by moderate GOP legislators in Florida as a"Shiite Republican," but he has since attracted the moderate label for two reasons
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Hearst was born in Uruguay but after a stint as a model she launched the fashion brand Candela in New York before creating this eponymous label
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And then he was talking about hands, too.
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CBS is managed by its chief executive Leslie Moonves
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At the police station, she kicked an officer in the leg, authorities said
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You can only justify his lack of goal production for so long.
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Its IPO was led by Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley and Allen & Co.
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I've completed your investigation My findings are as follows: The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc
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“If I don’t help these people, they won’t be able to get medical care at all, and they could lose their jobs or their home
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The video shows Krogh’s wife, Kat Heldman, going into their tea house and helping a member of their climbing party to safety.
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Officials say they canceled the Amber Alert after they located the vehicle because the alert system requires a vehicle description to be activated, reports the station
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The idea for Kudapustaka came from Nirwan Arsuka a fellow horse enthusiast and friend of Mr Sururi's
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With the female dogs, and not the males, this increased the mutual gazing between dogs and their owners and also led to an oxytocin increase in the owners.
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A Pew research survey released last month showed 61% of young Republicans favoring same-sex marriage.
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Power companies have relied on imports for 15 percent of their coal needs.
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"I can't argue with what Paul Pierce said
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The mourning and remembrance continued throughout Thursday in Israel: TV channels aired marathon documentaries about the Holocaust and radio stations replaced their normal line-ups with somber music.
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So the ability to focus on the baddest of the bad, the worst of the worst, we lost that.
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The Department of Health’s annual accounts, due in July, will reveal the rapid downward trajectory in NHS finances over the last year or so.
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The rsPSCs were easier to grow in the laboratory than conventional human pluripotent stem cells and offered advantages for large-scale production and gene editing.
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The opposition says the court is biased.
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"Those limitations effectively rule out larger UAVs, whichare not going to be cost-effective with that sort ofrestriction," said Philip Finnegan, the Teal Group's director ofcorporate analysis
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This time round, it discounted heavily in 'Black Friday' week, but had 10 fewer days on promotion in the four weeks to January 10 as it didn't start its sales before Boxing Day.
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I’m a Verizon customer because T-Mobile’s service sucks (in my area) but I can still dream.
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A key event in the evolution of eukaryotes was the acquisition of mitochondria
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Louis, but Miller is now one of the potential difference-makers fans may want to know everything about come June — if all goes according to plan.
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Barely a day passed when he wasn't asking me to teach him some new trick, game or dance move
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Radical Islam is a threat to our homeland
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Whatever the method, he’s certain that his head start shows that virtual reality is going to take off.
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If you mean making it where you can play GTA using your controller but look around using Cardboard there is one app I saw for that and AP covered a while back
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“We’ve been able to change the roster and give ourselves the flexibility to move forward this summer with salary space as well as draft picks.
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"It would be a catastrophe for the euro zone ..
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The latest car from a real automaker to roll into the virtual showroom of the game comes from Peugeot and it is called the Peugeot Vision GT.
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Mets GM Sandy Alderson acknowledged as much in addressing the Wright situation Wednesday.
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The most difficult situation is when an online friend says they want to take their own life
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Now that you are a homeowner, you might imagine yourself mowing the lawn every weekend and maintaining a picture-perfect garden
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"We got here and there was just a cloud of smoke and a terrible smell, the air was so bad we couldn't breathe
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She was interrupted by demonstrators who say the $50 billion company is blocking people and businesses from putting solar panels on their roofs
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The Council of Senior Religious Scholars issued a fatwa, or edict, declaring that any soldier killed in the fighting is a "martyr."
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Brandy said she was in part inspired by Keke Palmer, who made her professional stage debut in 2014 as the first African-American Cinderella on Broadway
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This comprises shadowy new particles that don't obey the same forces as everything else but cannot easily be detected
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Copyright 2015 Bleacher Report, Inc
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Meanwhile, people with severe mental illness are developing pre-diabetes and diabetes ‘at a much younger age than the general population'
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But doing it across London is far more difficult.
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Meanwhile, Yahoo gave up its crown jewels, and mixing metaphors, agreed to a Microsoft-officiated lobotomy
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business customers include American InternationalGroup Inc, Commonwealth Edison Co in additionto a host of lesser known firms in real estate, insurance,energy, agriculture and film and television.
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Imagine you are soaking up the sun from your patio,watching two seagulls glide through the air
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Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be able to log in
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Authorities say Stancil walked into Lane's print shop Monday, and opened fire with a shotgun, killing the openly gay 44-year-old man
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Today, it sells lights that it designs - a practice thatallows it to command higher prices
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Medical histories were gathered, including information on smoking, diabetes, family history of prostate cancer, ethnicity, and education
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Plaintiffs are seeking an estimated $7 billion to $10 billion in lost vehicle value, the ruling said.
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The discovery has been published in detail in the journal Nature Communications.
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Studies in people and animals indicate this substance promotes social bonding, such as between parent and infant or between two lovers.
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Or just the engines (known as "power plant") of a nuclear powered submarine
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"It should not be confusedwith smokeless forms of nicotine use."
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At age 15, more than 5,000 of the kids completed a computer-based interview, assessing whether they had seen 50 randomly selected popular contemporary movies
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That's why they're (60-22) and that's why we are (38-44)," Hollins said
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"When this was available on the medical card and PRSI schemes, dentists were able to treat patients with the condition in a very cost-effective way
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Poppies were initially adopted as remembrance symbols by the United States and then by the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to commemorate the soldiers killed in World War I.
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Enjoy has a 30-day return policy and will come and pick up any returns with no charge or restocking fee, no need to box it up and send it back
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Rebalancing is particularly important during difficult markets
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The series was pitched to Spike as a celebrity contest, not with civilians.
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Prosecutors are mulling whether to seek review by the U.S.Supreme Court
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Its rugged, mountainous terrain and fiercely territorial tribesmen make it an extremely difficult country to fight in
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Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is tough and relentless
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Canadian researchers set out to investigate whether having an extremely low birth weight - less than 1,000g (2lbs, 2ozs) - affected mental health later in life.
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He said he assembled it from a kit and put the U.S
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Those who had survived prostate cancer were questioned about their health-related quality of life.
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Life masks were rapidly going out of fashion when Lincoln's were made
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Some countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Australia, and Denmark, allow citizens to identify with gender options other than male and female on official documents
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Representative Steven Palazzo said Nasa had failed to explain a cost, timeline, plan or even justification for the mission.
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The exercise is the largest conducted by U.S
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ESPN declined to comment on the specifics of the agreement.
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When using the liquitabs read the instructions and safety messages on the labels
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The Montreal-based company suffered a string of derailmentsin February and March, including three along one section of itsmain route through northern Ontario
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These researchers investigate and experiment with a variety of ideas
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Acas, a conciliation service, says I have a strong case for breach of contract
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By adding water, juice or soda, one can make vodka or rum drinks
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The folds exist because the fractures in Enceladus’ surface are more wavy than perfectly straight