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Yet Smith’s new role in 2013 as the House’s science boss seemed less influential, leading a committee viewed as a backwater and first stop for freshman lawmakers.
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Consumer spending has picked up this year as modest gains in income and cheaper gas have put more money in Americans' wallets
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Authorities say Lacoste started seeing Lee for Tarot card readings last year and eventually gave Lee more than $200,000, much of which Lee spent buying gold coins
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"Turtles and other reptiles shouldn't be kept at home or school or any other facilities where there are children under 5," she said.
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He was the only candidate on stage to field attacks from multiple opponents, not to mention challenging questions from the debate moderators
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“While it’s too far out to predict precisely what the weather will do, we know there will be further storms on Boxing Day
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Democrats often say the modern GOP has lurched so far right that a time-traveling Ronald Reagan couldn't win the party's presidential nomination today
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The move will deprive the women's health organization of $600,000 in annual federal funding forHIV testing and counseling as well as condom distribution, among other services.
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Children were even allowed into her enclosure, something no zoo would consider today.
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It consists of the Greek genos, meaning race, and the Latin cide, meaning killing.
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This year, an unprecedented number of Brazilian babies have been born with a rare neurological condition known as microcephaly
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I believed in the idea - bringing in male swans since they do naturally exist but everyone assumes they should be female
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All voters must be present at their designated polling station by 13:00 local time to be allowed to cast their ballot
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It's a tribute to their teammates and the organization to have the number selected today and the high alternates."
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Tom Hooper’s film uses that sort of staid, tasteful artistic approach to depict the extraordinary life of Einar Wegener
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A beam from the sun may seem to you one smooth, continuous flow of light
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Bella is so lovely and such a hard worker and she's very talented
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dollar, said Alan Lancz, president of investment advisory firm Alan B
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You invent something you will maybe produce later on for a large public."
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Binge On is a network management tool that only works at scale
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"The head of state takes decisions about pardoning people on the basis of appeals, but a decision about an investigation or declaring someone a fugitive ..
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Tourism is an important part of the island's economy, but large stretches of the seaboard remain undeveloped
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official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter
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Ben Carson (L) and reaches over to him in the midst of the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada December 15, 2015
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It alsoridiculed Christian and Jewish faiths.
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Israeli fire has killed 123 Palestinians, 85 of them said by Israel to be attackers and the remainder killed in clashes with Israeli forces
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In early fall, Proctor made his third trip to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a seven-hour drive from Detroit
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Zimmer took over a five-win team and led the Vikings to a 7-9 record in his first season
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Marie Leger, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, who wasn't involved in the study.
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But I have a mom with strong faith and she instilled that in me.”
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Strong public sector CIOs empower those around them to deliver solutions based on a vision
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Discount stores are also getting a much bigger share of the pie
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Both Icahn’s and Bridgestone’s offers include breakup fees of $35 million
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Durham: Carolina, Southpoint, Wynnsong
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To earn a spot on the main stage in the Jan
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Our operational teams are working throughout the Christmas period to take action to reduce the potential impacts of flooding and support those communities affected.
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The incident also threatens to freeze Martinez's rising influence within her party as chair of the Republican Governors Association, a fundraising arm of the GOP
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The reforms include limiting the number of terms top officials can serve, following the banning for eight years of Sepp Blatter, who had been FIFA president for 17 years
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Old age is often a time of natural vulnerability
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The 250-page pocket book, called "Rome - where to eat, sleep and have a wash," has been dubbed the "Michelin guide for the destitute"
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Rates of cardiovascular disease, although slowly declining, are still alarmingly high while type 2 diabetes is on the rise, affecting 3.5m people in Britain
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She won honors for overcoming a rough childhood and homelessness to graduate from an alternative high school in Portland.
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Analysis of the errors showed that, on average, prisoners whose sentences were wrongly calculated got out 49 days early
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Nonetheless, the report shows that the medium-term outlook - from OPEC's point of view as the supplier of a third of the world's oil - has improved
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Southwest expected Wednesday to be its busiest day, with more than 3,800 flights.
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The study involved comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of low and high-dose pembrolizumab with standard courses of docetaxel, a widely used chemotherapy drug
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