She must do two things at the same time: hold the New America coalition together (as Obama did — twice) and build a broader governing coalition (as Obama did not really do)

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He filled it with eclectic glassware and outfitted it with hidden storage compartments.

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Two, he supports Common Core educational standards and immigration reform that tilts more toward enduring large-scale immigration.

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After I told him some preposterous lie about what I was doing, he gently coaxed me into accepting a ride

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But politically it is another matter."

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Some customers who pre-ordered their watch on April 10 will be able to get the Apple Watch beginning April 24

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Kohr says the lid popped off his coffee dquo; free to officers in uniform dquo; and the cup collapsed in his lap during the 2012 incident

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It was terrible news but it’s good to hear he is doing slightly better this morning

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The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would give Congress oversight of any final nuclear deal negotiated between the U.S., Iran, and six world powers

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His face got haggard, speaking of the shadow of 620,000 deaths that tore the nation apart.

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But in the past we've done experiments where we deployed camera traps in the field - in the jungle in India for example - which sent us photos directly," Mr Mason explained.


Despite this high-profile killing, by the turn of the century the separatists militants had failed to make much headway in their campaign against the French state

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The leading Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim powers in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are already backing opposing sides in proxy conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

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The survey found that among those who did not have midwifery-led care available to them in a past pregnancy, almost 25% said they would have liked to have had such a service

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Xiao Yue says most of her friends don’t know about her work, as in the eyes of many the sites are still dominated by borderline erotic content

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A Yankee named Rodriguez was suspended Tuesday after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug

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They wanted to utilise their expertise as part of their ownership of the club."

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Tim Pawlenty dropped out after a third-place finish.

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About 42 percent of its revenue in 2014 came from services.

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But voters dressed in party T-shirts would not be able to enter the polling station as it may be intimidating

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When the first storm hit Wednesday, school districts held their pupils in safe places.

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Riders are quick to identify him.

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“We’ve got a mainstream, Made-in-the-USA product that supports jobs in every state and is gaining momentum

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Suicide or Survive (SOS) is a community-based charity that works towards breaking down stigma and discrimination

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If there is any change at all, it's got worse

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Rebalancing effectively enables investors to sell high and buy low

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Even if you love his impeccable craftsmanship in the ring, they rarely feel very compelling

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contractor Warren Weinstein was kidnapped from the eastern city of Lahore in 2011

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You're going to win games, you're going to lose games, you're going to have bad shifts

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We’re going to pick each other up.”

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Plaques are fatty deposits that clog the blood vessels

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Dozens escaped but 219 remain missing — a source of international censure for Jonathan and his government.

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He was overjoyed but straight away he said, 'Where is mummy?' And our faces fell

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Whether he can be a rotation player on a playoff team is another question

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To keep this creativity going, however, we also need to invest in compatibility

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Completely undecided about who to vote for in the General Election 2015? You’re not alone - a whopping 33 per cent of British voters are unsure who to back

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aviationregulator proposed rules in February to lift the ban, but finalregulations are not expected until late 2016 or early 2017.

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The shape of a future government remains unclear

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Just a couple of runs off the over for Smith

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We fell one on the other, and this was the greatest thing that happened after the war.

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Like the 5C, it’s down on internal memory at 8GB, but can be upgraded to 32GB with a microSDcard

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The dollar was last down 0.93 percentagainst the franc at 0.95550 franc

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One, his rhetorical style is non-belligerent, and even conciliatory

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The giant oil companies that engineered the rise of petroleum made legendary profits, accumulated vast wealth, and grew immensely powerful