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It was 5,530 - and after a month and a half, the number on another body was 5,870.
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war crimes court jailed the former chief of Bosnia's army, Rasim Delic, for three years for allowing the torture of Bosnian Serb soldiers by Islamic foreign fighters
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Anne Hathaway might be pregnant, but there was barely a hint of her baby bump in sight as she headed home from the gym here
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This week they asked a judge to bar the group, its leaders and others from protesting and require it to delete social media posts advertising the demonstration.
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I survived the air raids on Cologne as a teenager."
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But help may be at hand from an unlikely source: digital currency Bitcoin.
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All, he says, have "economic moats" — a term used by Buffett to refer to firms with unassailable advantages, through intellectual property, branding or employees' unique skills.
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In decades to come you're going to see these sorts of things buzzing around the streets or up in the air
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Following is the text of the letter that was sent on Dec
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Once a person has had chickenpox, the virus lies inactive in their nervous system
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New York City, which had about 100 lights in 1926, had more than 3,500 by 1929
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"Astronauts do their worrying in advance," says Hadfield
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He’s subjected grant reviews at the National Science Foundation to extra scrutiny
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The results, published in the journal Environmental Microbiology, revealed high levels of antibiotic resistance in eight of the 11 water samples
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The car swerved back onto Las Vegas Boulevard and then onto the sidewalk again
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That could break the record for Dec
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He has described the PDP's 16-year rule as "a disaster for the country and its citizens".
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Earlier this year, councillors in Lancashire rejected Cuadrilla's application to drill a handful of shale gas exploratory wells
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The Democratic front-runner plans to introduce her proposal in Iowa during her last presidential campaign swing before the holidays
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Rhodes believed the English were a "master race" and he was instrumental in the seizure of swathes of African land
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Bowden said she was serving up lunch last week when a 12-year-old girl told her she was hungry, but couldn’t pay for a meal
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This beige 'Evana' style has now sold out but the label has a very similar version in the current collection at Net-a-Porter
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Astronauts typically work in teams of two "buddies" on a spacewalk
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But this is still high by the standards of California and the US as a whole
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But if the shares are worth more than $175, the payment would be reduced to zero.
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Even the Microsoft Band is a more formidable fitness tracker.
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In spite of recent hiccups in its economy, itis beginning to feel and act like a great power
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“We had a great visit in Las Vegas
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The UFC Welterweight Championship fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald proved to be one of the best in the organization's history
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When it’s time to kick back after work, the iPad is my go-to gizmo for streaming Netflix videos, and for reading ebooks and comic books
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