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Felder just scored 75 points over 72 hours — during Oakland’s 97-83 win at Washington Saturday and its overtime loss to MSU Tuesday.

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The panel has been asked to submit its suggestions in the first week of the session that begins in February.

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However, a new study has found that exercising and quitting smoking can improve depression in those affected.

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Owners of the affected vehicles will receive notices in the mail, the company said.

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(Reporting by Amrutha Gayathri in Bengaluru)

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The Canadian economy was in a mild recession in the firsthalf of the year, hit by the shock of cheaper oil, a majorexport for Canada

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While the idea of Binge On is fantastic, I feel that the issue raised by YouTube is an issue many feared when it was first announced

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Sanlitun is an area in Beijing’s Chaoyang district

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He wrote in letters not long after his conviction that former inspector Ghougoian had promised him he could go home if he signed the statement, which he says he did not write.

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A car changed lanes in front of the tractor-trailer, sending the truck off the interstate, across an access ramp and into a guard rail, causing the truck to turn on its side, police said.

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instead of how we were affected by it ..

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Late in his life, Albert Einstein published the nearest he ever came to an autobiography

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However, the company has been under pressure to reduce its infrastructure access fees, and opted to do so during the transition to BlackBerry 10

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This year, the German supermarket chain Edeka shocked audiences with its Christmas ad, which followed a lonely old man sitting down to a solitary Christmas dinner, year after year

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For non-personal use or to order multiple copies, please contact Dow Jones Reprints at 1-800-843-0008 or visit

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As the actual voting approaches, pollsters tighten their screens, relying more on “likely” voters — folks who have voted in past primaries, for instance

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It is directed by Andy Serkis, who uses the same motion-capture technology he pioneered on The Lord of the Rings to create the monster world

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The Environment Agency is also checking and maintaining flood defences, clearing blockages in watercourses and monitoring water levels

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The collapse in WTI has stopped for a number of technical reasons such as that, but fundamentals have yet to turn

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“Non-guests can pop in for a coffee and pastry before going up the gondola; we have an all-day menu so you can stop to eat early or late to avoid the lunch rush

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The figures indicate fourth-quarter capital spending will cool after a jump in the previous three months.

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"Cassini has made so many breathtaking discoveries about Enceladus, yet so much more remains to be done to answer that pivotal question, 'Does this tiny ocean world harbor life'"

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Many of them may have unexamined prejudices and biases

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Zhang Hu, a city vice mayor, told a news conference that four bodies had been found

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"I wanted to make a statement early on that you don't know what to expect

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Branstad vetoed it," said Clinton

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The evening I met my oncologist, I got a fright hearing that we were "aiming for control, rather than cure"

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It must also deal with the fall in coffee prices on the international markets and with the damage caused by the El Nio weather phenomenon: floods, mudslides and drought periods just to mention a few

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A team from Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue used specialist cutting equipment to rescue two casualties from the car by 1pm

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Santos’ move is sure to be controversial

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At this stage, the baby is most sensitive to environmental exposures, such as poor nutrient intake and excess weight gain by the mother.

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This is the most common type of stroke and is caused by a sudden blockage in the blood vessels (arteries) supplying the brain, by a blood clot.

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We've done this show almost 330 times, but even earlier this month we put new things in

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210,855), variously known over two centuries as the Flour City, the Flower City and, less so of late, the World's Image Center.

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It’s also unlikely that the findings would be the same for terminal patients who didn’t have cancer or who weren’t treated by palliative care specialists.

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Dad was never diagnosed with this

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"It's not typical of the Arctic."

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So they have to exert themselves all the more just to stay where they are while they work.

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With NAVI's wearable device, the user inputs the desired bag number, and the device sends a signal to the bag

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So, they conclude, this alternative might not be financially feasible for doctors if patients aren't willing to pay for it.

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