Opponents of manned flights will no doubt want to hold them to their word

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It means there's more milk, and its by-products, sloshing around than required.

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In 2016 AWAKE is due to begin accelerating particles by sending them surfing on waves of electric charge

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He is demanding a jury trial, court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court showed.

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Following the ban’s removal last week, Enterprise Products Partners LP said it will load 600,000 barrels of U.S

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That’s why Cruz rallied around Kim Davis, whose entire case was a legal test to see if there was a way tomake gay marriage illegal in all but name

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Over the past 12 years, creditors have taken such action against only six public companies

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He spent three months at the Bebington hospice and got to know a lot of the doctors and nurses so well, we would both now count them among our friends.

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Witnesses and anyone with information should call Dorset Police in confidence on 101, quoting incident number 24:68

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Back on the ground, his hand returned to its normal size, but he was lucky - if his helmet, or the body of his suit had depressurised, he would not have survived.

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The previous record belongs to Universal's "Jurassic World," which made $106.6 million in its second weekend of release in June.

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If you think Trump is an arrogant blowhard with potentially disastrous policy proposals, you might secretly hope the media takes her advice and talks about something, anything, else.

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The jihadist group Islamic State has also been accused of using chemical weapons, including sulphur mustard

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"All of that is a negotiation."

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Want to enjoy a drink or two over the festive period Bond suggests keeping bubbly drinks - like champagne, Prosecco, beer and soft fizzy mixers - to a minimum, if you want to avoid feeling gassy

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The British Embassy in Thailand cannot help you to get better prison conditions than locals.

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Patanjali's latest product - instant noodles - also landed it in hot water

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Oh, it’s certainly been ruled against in past case law

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