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Police say several shoppers suffered minor injuries.

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The world has made several big strides against major diseases that afflict the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people in 2015

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Parliament amended the electoral law on 15 January, allowing an estimated one million people displaced by the insurgency to cast their votes

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Cruz, who only had to fend off attacks from Rubio, did

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Syrian refugee Ali Jaafar and his son Mohamed leave the room he shares with at least five other people in a house where dozens of Syrian refugees live in Bamako, Mali, December 15, 2015

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On top of some interesting multi-tasking experiments like Xbox Snap, the One has a lot of small-yet-helpful usability benefits, like button remapping

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Our friends and families must be nomads

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1, 2015 file photo, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, center, arrives at the government house in Bangkok, Thailand

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We were alienated, the way we were just taken out of the room.”


And they are all building systems using similar open source libraries and algorithms, like the Torch project, that give these apps the ability to learn.

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We rate FORD MOTOR CO as a Buy with a ratings score of B

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News Guardian provides news, events and sport features from the Whitley Bay area

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That could tighten polling results, making it appear as if Trump is slipping.

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This abnormal release leads can cause weight loss by making the body break down proteins and fat.

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Its strategy was to create an incessant noise machine, fueled with hundreds of millions of industry dollars, to spread the false narrative that scientists are "uncertain" about climate change

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"Students, they would talk forever because they were so passionate about it," she said

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That way the large political spectrum which represents the vast majority of Spaniards can guarantee that the union of Spaniards is not in jeopardy,” told journalists.

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8 that they be turned over but she was told they had been moved to a Manhattan warehouse controlled by her step children, papers say.

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He said "I've met so many wonderful people, all over the world

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And, indeed, in the time we spend together, he has a good go at unleashing his inner Grinch.

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Culottes have a reputation for being tricky to pull off but all you need is a pair of heels to make them work

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In spite of Wednesday's 5.8 percent rally, the FTSE 350 Mining Index remains down by nearly 50 percent since the start of 2015

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It's covered in Gorilla Glass, so it's durable.

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They found that those who grew up around dogs were less likely to have asthma than children without dogs.

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He determined the murder weapon was the bloody toilet tank lid that police found discarded on the living room floor of the apartment

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Nieuwenhuis, 28, is a four-year veteran who's played a total of 273 major-league games

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Eight days of exposure to sufficient summer sunshine in the greenhouses should be enough, but it takes a 25 days in the winter, during periods of heavy rain.

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