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New home sales tumbled 28.6 percent in the Northeast, but retained the bulk of October's 84.2 percent surge

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He can shoot it, so I'm just happy he got that evil man hanging on the rim and knocking his balls out."

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"It is clear from the complexity of calls and emails that people living with dementia and their carers need support throughout every stage of their journey

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“More people, especially the under-25 crowd, are saying, ”Just give me the money and let me go buy whatever I want

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Two other officers soon appear, and police later said Browder started immediately administering first aid to Nehad.

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She and her husband Jim Desmond have rescued animals in other countries and moved to Liberia from Kenya.

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“Faced with such claims, our concern should be to offer more than a critique of American Republican primary political positioning

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Western backing for Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq is a sensitive issue for Ankara which is fighting, by air strikes, Turkish Kurdish militants based in the mountains of northern Iraq

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Apple usually updates its flagship devices in the fall, so it's unlikely the iPhone 7c would arrive before an iPhone 7.

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Outside, High Street hosts many of the best NZ fashion labels for smart souvenirs.

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It seemed toecho the viewof theIslamist militant group al Shabaab, which controlled the capital Mogadishu until 2011

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Keen to bag one for yourself Click right to buy, or head to the carousel for marvellous mesh alternatives.

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“We also gave her medicine to help stop her vomiting

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Big Blue punter Brad Wing, who went to LSU with Beckham, recounted a bat-wielding Panther approaching the receiver and saying, "I'll be the reason you don't play today ..

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A massive mudslide from an overfill dump site buried 33 buildings in the estate on Sunday

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"She basically turned herself in

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The search giant is planning soon to pilot its new Google Compare auto insurance comparison shopping site, wrote Forrester analyst Ellen Carney in a note

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It comes in a thin strip and can be turned into a paste that can be licked

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And patients have to go an extra mile to find a doctor who is authorized to distribute 3,4-DAP.

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Accidents have plagued Mexico's state-controlled oil company for years

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What’s next, Christie criticizing Fiorina for her forthrightness

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Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar, according to the newspaper

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Russia began air strikes in September this year, saying it was acting at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

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27, 2015 file photo, a holiday shopper browses the electronics section against a backdrop of televisions at a Target store, in Newport, Ky

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“For all of our guys, we have the same thoughts in terms of injuries and managing the season and how much is too much in terms of practice, games, everything,” Fisher said

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This is mostly because their habitat was developed for other agricultural use

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It did not name the chosen firms.

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Trump has run an effective campaign that has proven to be attractive to a lot of the non-college voters in the GOP

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