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All too common - and potentially dangerous - when alcohol is involved

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Users can send SegNet through a random road in their town

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T-Mobile hasn’t responded directly to the accusations, except to say that users have the option to turn off Binge On whenever they want

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In the early 1970s, he was an officer with the Federal Protective Service, the uniformed, armed security force for federal buildings and land in Proctor's hometown of Washington DC

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Check out her fur coat and Christmassy red scarf But it's those biker boots that have really got us reaching for our credit cards.

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"I've always been a positive person, so it was odd when I started to feel low and withdrawn

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If interested in volunteering with the habitat project, KDFWR representatives say one of the ways is simply volunteering time to the project

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officials gave no explanation for refusing to allow her constituents to board a flight from Gatwick Airport on Dec

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The three most affected countries have all made great strides

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Please England vote to leave so that we to can vote to leave you.

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The shape of a future government remains unclear

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Lord Lucas also wants special focus on goods imported into the UK, in advance, to be part of the huge Christmas inventories

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Turning all of this potential into results, and advancing in the polls between now and Feb

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The pressurisation in his right glove failed as he ascended to an altitude of more than 19 miles above the Earth, and his hand swelled up dramatically.

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But when you are orbiting Earth at an altitude of 250 miles (400km), calling an ambulance is not an option.

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and ConocoPhillips began ramping up oil production from shale rock in Texas and North Dakota, raising U.S

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“You continue to publicly declare that we are not “engaging” or “meeting” with you

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10 at an altitude of just 240 miles above the surface of Ceres

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Just off Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Petit Ermitage boutique hotel in Los Angeles brings bohemian romance to a sojourn in LA

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A man carries a portrait of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin while marching during a rally to mark Stalin's birthday anniversary at his hometown in Gori, Georgia, December 21, 2015

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They were confused as to why the white people were fighting white people."

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Freedom to criticise the RomanCatholic Church in France was seen as a major victory of theFrench Revolution.

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"When the economy changes, consumers taste changes, technology changes, the competition changes, guess what You better change," said Clayton

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It was the government's biggest defeat since IS swept through areas in the country's north and west, including Iraq's second-largest city of Mosul, in the summer of 2014.

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They have become staples of company events, family holidays and children's birthday parties

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Separatist groups seeking greater autonomy for the island carried out bombing campaigns from the mid-1970s, often targeting police stations and administrative buildings

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"Pharmacists are ideally positioned to provide advice and assistance to people with asthma to help them gain control over their condition

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This holiday season, they’re made of stainless steel and encrusted with Swarovski Crystals.

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Juggle bargain-hunting in the souks with holistic pampering at in-house spa Lime.

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This year’s Storm Desmond has caused damage across the North West

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"And we don't think that it merits that kind of money."

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The outspoken lawyer is known as one of the greatest trial lawyers in American history

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Borrowing costs were raised by the Federal Reserve for the first time in nine years last week.

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“I didn’t know what it was, but I felt something,” said Hirscher, who was unhurt and continued his run, finishing second behind Norwegian winner Henrik Kristoffersen

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Prospects for consumer spending next year also got a boost from another report from the Commerce Department showing income increased 0.3 percent last month after gaining 0.4 percent in October

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The researchers noted that children with poorer motor competence can have problems with everyday fine and gross motor tasks such as writing, running and throwing

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Google is already licensedto sell auto insurance in 26 states and is working with ahandful of insurers including Dairyland, MetLife and others, shesaid.

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Masur was born in 1927 in the Silesian town of Brieg, then German and now Brzeg in Poland, and spent much of his life living under communist rule in East Germany

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It was the first time the state of emergency had been invoked since the war in Algeria in the 1950s.

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As part of its pre-budget submission, the ASI commissioned an expert policy paper on home care versus long-term residential care