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But try telling that to the Democratic Party's fervently progressive base.
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"It can trigger an attack or lead to bacterial chest infections and pneumonia
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It can feel like a school refectory
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Belgium often can feel like two countries
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"The solution is to eat smaller meals regularly, rather than saving yourself for a once-a-day blow out."
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"It is serious that at this point in time people did not use all the data that was available to actually calculate this change
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"If a terrorist has been to Iraq and Syria and wants to get to the US, they will likely go through Europe
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The result was a 24-foot-tall Art Deco structure with Neoclassical ornamentation
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But not so much for the robots that are land-based, and safe, and look cute," said Heinla.Starship Technologies will launch real-life trials of the robots in London and a couple of U.S
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Specifically, the researchers of this new study wanted to add analysis of a patient’s “germline” to the mix.
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It did huge things for us but put us back at first.
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Between May and December 15, the liberal group Media Matters has logged 22 hours, 46 minutes and 40 second of airtime for Trump on Fox News
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The splintered vote that marked the end of three decades of two-party domination in Spain gave Rajoy's party 123 seats in the 350-member lower house of parliament, down from the 186 it won in 2011
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The new law comes seven years after similar agreements were allowed for heterosexuals.
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The 1992 unveiling of a statue of Arthur "Bomber" Harris, head of the RAF's Bomber Command in World War Two, created a wave of protest, culminating in sustained vandalism
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He said the crash killed Leblanc, Jayla Daigle and Trinity Schmidt, and it injured Steve Leblanc, 49, and the boys, whose names weren't released
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Trump has appeared on the conservative cable outlet Fox News more than any other candidate
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But the real "eye-opener" came one day when she arrived at hospital through Accident and Emergency, with post-operative sepsis
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Swedish researchers decided to assess this link again, but their study involved over one million children
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According to the industry body Ukie, sales of new boxed console games in the UK fell 6.3% in 2014 to 935m, and were overtaken by the 17.6% rise in sales of digital console and PC games to 1.05bn.
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M2H and Blackmill Games took this opportunity towork with the community on polishing the game Verdun
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Most marijuana produced in the country is for local consumption, whereas cocaine is exported worldwide.
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Millie Mackintosh has earned her right to post swimwear selfies after her consistent and strenuous dedication to fitness, so we’re saluting her as our inspiration for the New Year
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"We are working hard to understand this crash and the cause of the injuries that resulted in this fatality," Honda said in a statement
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approval of a drug called andexanet alfa that rapidly reverses the effect of Xarelto and Eliquis
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Let's get one thing out of the way first: The Pro Bowl doesn't matter
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The accelerator needs to be straight because, unlike the LHC’s particle, electrons and positrons lose energy every time they go around a bend
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banks were bailed out by the Treasury Department because they were too big to fail, the banks have become even bigger, leaving taxpayers at risk of another bailout, he said.
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In the face of a flu epidemic, a one-size fits all vaccine strategy won't be effective, a York University study has found
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When I read all the announcements, it sounded to me that they were degrading ALL videos streamed on the network, unless you opted out, in order to ease tension on their network
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There's something about it that feels urgent, but not in a political way
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His visit comes amid a deepening diplomatic crisis between Moscow and Ankara, and is fueling speculation Moscow could be seeking to exploit Turkey's restive Kurdish minority.
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Salmonella is part of the normal gut flora of turtles, and there’s no way to distinguish a healthy turtle from an infected one, researchers note
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It also demolished the Anbar operations command and fanned out into the city's residential areas to set up less conspicuous centers of command.
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Google already offers its usersa site to compare travel destinations and find the cheapestflight fares, for instance.
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And when you can be sunbathing on a beach with cocktails and food cooked for you, we can't blame these celebs for shunning a traditional Christmas.
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The Japanese coast guard released a photo of the ship sailing in the East China Sea
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It's always about narrative, character and stories and it's acrobatic
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