“Mother Teresa could not carry out one of her test miracles in the Pope-forsaken Calcutta but had to go all the way to the Catholic heartlands of South America to pass her test

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Vonderbruggen — whose marriage in 2012 was seen by advocates as a milestone in acceptance of gays in the military — left behind a wife and a son

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An update that applies the correct formula for calculating sentence cuts is due to be in place by 7 January

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“The rise in prices is a short-term reaction to the large draw from U.S

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Security officials fear they could take part in terrorism on their return to Southeast Asia, as those trained in Afghanistan did in attacks such as the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people

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Complications were common among 277 survivors examined in March and April 2015, according to study senior author Dr

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The stalematecontributed to October downgrades by Fitch and Moody's InvestorsServices of Illinois' ratings, which were already the lowestamong the 50 states, to just three steps above "junk."

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In fact, not many smartwatches do include GPS right now, with the exception of the Sony Smartwatch 3.

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But we have 2 separate, albeit related issues here: what the policy should be, and what the current law allows it to be

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She tends to recommend using cheaper generic painkillers, but says that many of her patients are still loyal to certain brands.

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Game says that it, like other retailers, has suffered from lower footfall in high streets and shopping centres

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Technology is the easy bit, so do not make that your sole focus

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ESPN declined to comment on the specifics of the agreement.

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But when it builds up in the body, crystals may form and lead to gout.

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"Guerrilla tactics, insurgent tactics - it's all about hit and run, it's all about avoiding a major fight," Colonel Warren said

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Because just as epidemic outbreaks can threaten the public’s health, so, too, can police violence imperil communities’ social and economic well-being, especially when civil unrest ensues.

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"No one would ever have remembered a county clerk that just said ..

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But for many other statues the argument is far less clear-cut

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It was never told that way though.

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authorities in July 2014, when the Department of Homeland Security informed him that the skull might have been stolen.

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Furthermore, Total has shared the lessons learned from this incident widely across the industry and with the authorities."

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If you see an objectionable post, please report it to us using the "Report Abuse" option.

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One of the bonuses of staying here is that, if you explore the three valleys, you usually return via Creux, one of the most enjoyable pistes in the Alps

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Top Gear’s fans have now the opportunity to take home something to remind them of the good old days of the show

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Make sure you and your friends know what to do in an emergency and know where the medical tent is located

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“Old Ways” isn’t exactly “Harvest” you know 1982’s “Trans” sounds like he and Devo spent a lost weekend in a recording studio

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For example, “As evidence that [insert ethnic group here] are destroying the United States, the Republican front-runner offered a handful of unconnected Trumps.”

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Before the farm crisis of the 1980s, Deere employed 16,000 in Waterloo

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Ajmal Masroor, a London-based imam and broadcaster, said he received similar treatment when trying to travel to the U.S

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Miller has relived the day of the accident over and over and has taken full responsibility," Miller's attorneys said in a legal motion

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Instead, opt for window-length ones or fit stylish wooden shutters that are great at cutting out draughts and keeping the heat in

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According to the study, the real challenge now for researchers is to develop the tools to analyze this data.

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FIS will prohibit drones “as long as I am responsible ...

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At the same price, Apple's MacBook Air is a better, more capable and useful machine

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"It's less something to be taken literally and more an indication that the lights have gone on in Jakarta," said Greg Barton, a counterterrorism expert at Australia's Deakin University

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We can certainly live with that.

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This caused flooding to roads and properties previously flooded in Appleby, Glenridding and Burneside.

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