There he traversed the embankment to the vehicle’s passenger side window where he saw Mathew Sitko trapped inside.
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“Although this isn’t always a happy anniversary, it is a day to celebrate my family and who we are today.”
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The contract follows recent negotiations between the Government and the doctors' union, the IMO.
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"The more that someone uses a sunbed, the higher the risk they will get skin cancer
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Age isn’t everything, Marco.
So if a party's support is at all evenly distributed, a slight lead will tend to translate into a huge national majority: grim business for the loser, but a recipe for stable government.
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Second, when a school seizes someone’s cell phone, there need to be clear rules governing when and what they can search
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Five men, all ethnic Chechens, were arrested days after the killing
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The factory runs 365 days of the year
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1 in a globalindustry ranking calculated by Coalition, a firm that compilesstatistics on the banking industry.
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If the object of your affections also swipes right, you can chat via instant message in the app
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Or that changes in the environment have improved accessibility for those who use them
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We expect inflationto steadily accelerate toward 2 percent."
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The NFL is considering discipline for Brady, McNally and Patriots equipment assistant John Jastremski, a source close to the investigation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter
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Holcim said in a statement on Thursday Eurocement's proposalcame too late to be considered by Holcim's board for inclusionin the agenda of the shareholder meeting
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She'd love to come back and be Roxie again or do something else on Broadway
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"I am so glad that Mayweather is big on Shots [a social network Mayweather uses and is an investor in], because he is going to be taking a lot of them from Manny on May 2," Roach said
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The mom was accused of intentionally making her daughter sick in a twisted plot to gain attention and sympathy for themselves, a mental illness known as Munchausen.
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Pip's raps include references to his stutter
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“It may seem like it all is happening very quickly but Nicki and Meek are in this 100
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If DOT adopts either 9/16-inch option, shippers would haveto buy or retrofit thousands of 7/16-inch models
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Or recreate Kim's look with one of the stylish coats we've found below
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Once Jackson builds a roster, it’s up to Fisher to make it all work
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In addition to the competition component, NASCAR also considers it a safety issue as low air pressure can increase the likelihood of a blowout.
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That toppled Taylor’s platform and buried 28 wells under sediment about 10 miles off Louisiana’s coast at a depth of roughly 475 feet
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Brabeck also voiced support for the Swiss National Bank's recent currency move, saying the stronger Swiss franc would aid Swiss competitiveness in the long run by encouraging innovation
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But of Nike's slightly more than 1 million factory contract workers, more than nine out of 10 are in Asia, with the largest number in low-wage Vietnam.
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"Terrorists don't announce their flights before they take off
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To the contrary, all therepresentatives of all the countries were very motivated toreach speedy practical results."
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At least 670 migrants were brought to safety in Reggio Calabria from a shipwreck in which 400 are feared to have lost their lives.
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That includes 12 states that only use it to treat epilepsy, Peake said.
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His sentencing immediately followed the verdict, since the conviction carried a mandatory life sentence.
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Jeffrey Schoengold's Ultimate Dental Care of Riverdale in the Bronx while he was away, prosecutors charge
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Jacksonian populism seemed the wave of the future.
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Analysts said the EU charges were unlikely to hurt Google's evaluation because it reflected the regulatory risk
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Although the odds may seem stacked against you without any real work experience, you do have assets employers are seeking: a fresh perspective, willingness to learn and loads of energy
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She breaks into tears: “Especially when you have someone special to fight for and everyone has someone special to fight for — there’s no one who doesn’t.”
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People sense that we’re in trouble, as a species, and they want answers
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Attending for regular eye screening appointments will significantly improve your chances of avoiding eye problems in the future," she said.
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At the other end of the dance spectrum there's a long and sexy strip number for the older Louise, played by Lara Pulver
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She was concerned at the fears of her fellow passengers, her school friends from Danwon High School.
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Some states have limited the age at which teens can buy e-cigarettes, and some have extended smoke-free laws to include them
It’s slated to overlook a brand new 8-acre park, which is also planned as part of Pacific Park.
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The sight of Rose alone on its vast, darkened stage is powerful indeed."
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He delivered in the 72nd minute
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New Hampshire students learn about state history in fourth grade, and it's common for classes to put their lessons into practice by asking state lawmakers to designate new state symbols
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The next big thing on investors' plates will be the April jobs report, which comes out Friday
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They focused on four of the main components that are associated with heart health - body mass index (BMI), a healthy diet, blood pressure and total cholesterol.
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"You don't want to look farther ahead than the game that's in front of you
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Halliburton remains in discussions with federal antitrustregulators regarding other possible divestitures, the peoplesaid
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He tried to hide the scheme by giving some clients fraudulent account statements that reflected bonds held by other JPMorgan customers, federal prosecutors charged
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Every four to five minutes I rest for 20 - 25 seconds.
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Maeve, who is 4 years old now, and Hazel, 1, will have a home with Ben’s brother if the worst is to happen, and friends are setting up fundraisers for the girls’ education
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It found that girls who consumed more than 1.5 servings of sugary drinks every day began menstruating over two-and-a-half months earlier than girls who consumed two or less servings per week
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“I have told business leaders not to expect a lifting of the sanctions, because they are purely political
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In fact, women who had been divorced at least two times were almost twice as likely to suffer a heart attack compared to women who had remained married.
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The emergence of a Chinese company as a dominant player in anew U.S
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The Conservatives have traditionally been seen as the low-tax party.
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Keep on fighting to get the care that you deserve
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I would not be happy if somebody had said that to me
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A first offence can result in a fine of up to €4,000 or imprisonment for six months, or both.
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The answer may lie in the group's social structure, which allows these chimps to keep and eat anything they catch
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Pedestrians stopped in their tracks to do the same.
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He also is fully recovered from a blood vessel injury that sidelined him from Feb
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It may not sound like a big difference, but it’s about a 24% reduction in risk for the healthy-diet-keepers
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Who knew that goats were so pricey, eh?
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"And good luck to it, if only this family-friendly musical, a semi-fictionalized account of J.M
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"I am concerned that Hyundai may face a situation where it is impossible to produce vehicles at domestic factories anymore."
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Local reports said the phenomenon occurs every year leaving the area dry, after small streams of water gradually refill the lake again.
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Good bowling again from Samuels, bowling a very tight, accurate line and it almost forced an error in running from England
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At issue is whether the EPA has legal authority for its plan under the Clean Air Act
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Love said Olynyk has reached out multiple times and he acknowledged not returning any of his calls
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Their lead should be beyond 400 before tea, and maybe then we could have a declaration.
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The suspect in his killing, Demetrius Blackwell, faces charges including murder, attempted murder and other crimes
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At the same time, the growth in pay TV subscriptions - once tied to a robust housing market - is at a near standstill
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Best Buy's famous Geek Squad has been offering this type of service for years, both as after-sale troubleshooters and to help install new equipment.
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Louis hospital system found that its wellness program was associated with a sharp drop in hospitalization
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The little guy has his finger raised to his lips and his head turned downward, so that he is looking out from under his lashes on to the street