More likely that he would be able to play two or three games later than now would be my guess

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What Xi does know, and what is an increasing feature of his rule, is that China will do it his way, which is not, read NOT, the Western way.

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But independence was short-lived; the Genoese ceded the island to France, whose troops invaded in 1769.

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“When Manny beats Mayweather, it won’t only be about unifying the welterweight titles, it will also be a public service to boxing.”

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It was the seventh straight quarter of nearly flat sales, said analysts at brokerage Jefferies, who reiterated their "buy" rating on the stock due to relative valuation and performance.

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Furman said whether the company seriously considers that move depends on whether the U.S

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When I asked him, 'Are you holding a gun?' he would never answer

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Keeping tarantulas is not illegal in France but requires a certificate

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The processes that we expect to do the right thing failed, and if they're not going to hold him accountable she can do it herself."

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Clinton formally launched her second campaign for the White House on Sunday, making her the first Democrat in the race.

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A few days before arriving in Oregon, I visited the rural town of Malta, N.Y., just north of Albany, where GlobalFoundries is expanding its $10 billion chipmaking factory on a 222-acre parcel

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The Sonos speakers reproduce lovely music once they're working, but pairing Bluetooth devices can sometimes create a bit of mental cacophony

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They're also responsible for individual unit upkeep and mandatory maintenance.

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DJI has gained its market lead without a U.S.-based salesstaff

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He was forced to take this fight — by Manny, the media and the fans.

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She hit the gas pedal, the man fell to the ground and the door slammed shut, police said.

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The report did find improvements in the care of these children in recent years

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"Gameplay centres around real-time notifications between you and your agent in the field that are sent and delivered via Apple Watch's intuitive interface," the developer explained

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Unfortunately it's not available to buy (we dread to think how much it would cost anyway), but click the link (right) to get a bit of Givenchy in your wardrobe.

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He eventually chickened out on the murder plot and told the undercover officer he just wanted the doctor — and his wife, if she happened to be present — roughed up.

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It matches oneof three tank-car standard options under DOT consideration.

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Media companies are considering joining streaming-onlyservices, or launching their own like HBO and CBS, to attractyoung people who do not subscribe to traditional pay TVpackages

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Cara donned a cut-out black all-in-one teamed with a jewelled bra and heeled sandals

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It asked kids about their smoking habits, peers’ drinking habits and questions that measured “sensation seeking.”

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The mom was accused of intentionally making her daughter sick in a twisted plot to gain attention and sympathy for themselves, a mental illness known as Munchausen.

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“Let’s love and respect each other.”

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“You have a black dark object, rectangular in shape, that someone (takes from Sloan) and puts in their waistband

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is 13-5-5 against Mexico since 2000, including a win in the second round of the 2002 World Cup.

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The government didn't say how it learned of the plot, but the indictment mentions two "unnamed" associates of Mohamud in the U.S

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Neither Skelos nor his son could immediately be reached for a response

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All 28 passengers were able to exit the bus

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"I'm not sure they've designed it to truly differentiate a hospital that provides a great experience from one that doesn't."

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India suffered one of its worst blackouts in 2012 due to a shortage of coal plus outdated transmission lines and an over-burdened grid

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Celebrate the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets to the Barclay Center by owning a pic of your favorite Net

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"An estimated 300,000 Irish people will be affected by a rare disease in their lifetime, 80% of which are genetic in origin

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The market saw a net foreign outflow for the first time inthe last nine sessions with foreign investors selling a net310.7 million rupees ($2.34 million) worth of shares onThursday

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Curtis Granderson also wore a pair of one-of-a-kind cleats designed by Chicago graffiti artist The Soul Revival

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“Seven hundred thousand stops, 700,000 people, principally in the minority community, the black community

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Val” is not a licensed dentist in the state, or anywhere else in the nation

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Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., sent a letter to executives of five of the largest e-cigarette manufacturers, asking them to refrain from advertising the product on TV.

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So we’ve actually been turned down as far as opening that up.”

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“Plus, I already pay extra for guac.”

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"It appears to be a truly sad fluke," he said.

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authorities that looked at Google's business have taken no action

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However, there is major room for improvement, with many women not receiving adequate information at crucial times during their care.

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UC President Janet Napolitano termed it to be a great opportunity for UC's medical centers and health universities

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US researchers followed the progress of 240 women who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer

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citizen originally from Somalia, wanted to "kill three or four American soldiers execution style," according to the indictment

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Pitcairn is the main island with a population of about 60 people

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"They're more likely to say, 'I'm going to do my thing,' " Twenge said, "and 'you do your thing.' "

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Without access to the buried wells, traditional “plug and abandon” efforts wouldn’t work.

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I willadmit that I was hesitant about using Airbnb for the first time, though inretrospect I shouldn't have been

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“$50K is a heavy lift since most of it needs to come from individual contributions (only $5k can come from corp.), but I recommend we do it,” Sony executive Keith Weaver wrote in a Jan

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Investors are wary and the yield — a gauge of investor risk — on Greece's 10-year bonds surged a whole percentage point Thursday to just below 13 percent

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Any benefit gained from making social comparisons is temporary, and engaging in frequent social comparison of any kind may be linked to lower wellbeing," Ms Steers added.

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At least 670 migrants were brought to safety in Reggio Calabria from a shipwreck in which 400 are feared to have lost their lives.

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The moves that he made, once he started explaining to me behind closed doors about what was going on, his thought process behind everything, it started to make sense

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Day of Sale: 04/21WASHINGTON HEALTH CARE FACILITIES WEEK OF 106,885 Baa1/BBB / AUTHORITY 04/20 REVENUE BONDS - SERIES 2015 MGR: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, New York

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Groundbreaking increased 2.0 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 926,000 units, the Commerce Department said

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We have to develop a game plan, control the tempo, rebound and score against them consistently

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That followed a live question and answer programme in which the prime minister and Mr Miliband appeared separately.

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The administration rules lifted a requirement that US travelers obtain a license from the Treasury Department before traveling to Cuba

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Regulators estimate that fewer than 150,000 metric tons of the fish are in U.S

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High-end "Edition" watches with 18-karat gold alloys are priced from $10,000 and go as high as $17,000.

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Public health officials have long linked the use of artificial flavorings in tobacco products to industry efforts to attract youth to tobacco

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It will cover the parental rights of different people, including adoption by same-sex couples.

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He was tapped in 1985 to lead a 10-man team charged with launching the new airline and became Emirates' first managing director

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The expanded search for the plane, which went missing in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board, would cost an estimated $38.74 million, and would take up to a year, starting in May

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"An estimated 300,000 Irish people will be affected by a rare disease in their lifetime, 80% of which are genetic in origin

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And, yes, defenders of the straw poll will insist the Bachmann victory/collapse was the exception, not the rule

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He's averaged 17.3 points while hitting 15 of 31 from 3-point range in three games against Chicago after joining the Cavaliers.

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It was developed by the US Army in the 1970s and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decades later.

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He told BBC News: "This has been a leading model for 20 years or so

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"Our wages have reached a critical limit as a manufacturingcompany," Hyundai Chief Executive Yoon Gap-han said in a letterto workers proposing the change, which was seen by Reuters