Except instead of a hammer, our young heroine is wielding an equally powerful ice cream stuffed-burrito.
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As estimated 300 million people worldwide are affected and this figure is expected to grow by 100 million by 2025
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So reforms should focus on reducing costs
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"In a couple of instances, Spooks predicted actual news events," he says
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These new powers were announced at the launch of the Road Safety Authority and Gardai's annual Christmas and New Year Road Safety Campaign
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I say “stubbornly,” because the Rangers have shown they’re a versatile hockey club that can play any style you want
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Miller, 22, grew up in East Palestine, Ohio, cheering for Sidney Crosby
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"Protecting your skin from the sun and environmental stress is really important, particularly if you want to proactively delay the signs of ageing," says Dr
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His future at the network remains in doubt.
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For example, the military focuses on mission, so identify the mission of the company and team, Gudmundsson says
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The fact that it is the most visited section of our website bears this out
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Skelos says he and his son are innocent, and he's fighting to hold onto his powerful position.
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“If you have a history of paying on time, you can ask if you can please waive the penalty,” Weston says
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Like most free online services, Yelp depends on advertising to make most of its money
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Around 2,400 new cases of bowel cancer are diagnosed in Ireland every year and almost 1,000 people die annually from the disease
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goods and services must have greater access to foreign buyers.
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"This next season for me and for the organization and for Phil this is where we earn our money
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London time on Thursday and will shut at 10 p.m., after which the exit poll is due to be released.
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The city of Miami, together with the neighboring cities of South Miami and the village of Pinecrest are battling FPL in court
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It takes consistency,” he says.
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Since declaring a caliphate across a vast swath of Iraq and Syria, ISIS has specifically targeted religious institutions-- destroying mosques, temples and churches
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It belongs in the public domain
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"We see more participation of local investors, includingretailers
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And they say everyone from the employers to the workers themselves should be flexible.
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Analysts also cautioned that while Goldman had a goodquarter, broader challenges still exist
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When 14-year-old Giorgi came home from school on 16 October 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia, his older brother Dato knew immediately something was wrong
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Though the White House initially opposed the legislation, it reversed course after Democrats secured a mildly watered down version of the bill and lent it broad bipartisan support.
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While that's equally true of any other fighter in the world at this point, in Khan's case he's both lost three times and shown a propensity for being knocked silly
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UP2 offersthe same features as UP24, but it’s almost half the size of the legacy device and less expensive
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I have some one who will talk to me."
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She said they were going to visit baby Christopher's father in Brownsville, Brooklyn, according to officials.
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(Reporting by Anthony Esposito; Editing by Ted Botha)
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It was conceived by an employee who had volunteered at Real Change after the newspaper told Google that many potential Seattle patrons do not carry cash, and many vendors do not carry mobile phones.
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Organic shoppers "skew to higher income and education which makes them extremely desirable," says Dave Wagner, the company's vice president of seafood merchandising.
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"When I came on board, the question I asked myself was whether they were already a busted flush
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Lower oil prices have forced cutbacks at energy companies and the manufacturers supplying them
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Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus VR, believes there will be a shakeout on the quality of VR that consumers will demand
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That might be from the original camera's GPS tag, or simple keywords like "India".
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Day of Sale: 04/22MEDINA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, OHIO WEEK OF 24,000 Aa3// CERTIFICATES OF PARTICIPATION, 04/20 SERIES 2015 MGR: Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc., St
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Its actions could affect bondholders
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"We thought we were being so clever."
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(2021 CROSSOVER) MGR: Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc., San Francisco.
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Also explain what success looks like and the metrics for how that success is measured, Gudmundsson and King recommend.
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But high stakes are the norm in Israel, which still lacks permanent borders and agonizes over religion and even the definition of a Jew.
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They are blue with Robinson’s number and “JRD” emblazoned on them.
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business customers include American International Group Inc, Commonwealth Edison Co in addition to a host of lesser known firms in real estate, insurance, energy, agriculture and film and television.
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For every private pupil they teach, they aim to reach another 100 pupils outside of fee-paying schools.
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Greece's finance ministry said Thursday that the report was "totally false."
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Note that GE's consumer finance arm Synchrony Financial, spun off last August, has seen its shares rise by a third, much better than both the broad market and most financial shares.
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“A second opinion is critical to your health,” Wilson wrote in a statement to People magazine
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Jess Harvat was able to take several weeks off when his wife, Kellie, died in February of last year
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Tunisia is showing that a real and sustainable democracy is possible in the Arab world."
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Klay ("Redeployment") and Bond ("Ruby) are both nominees for the $25,000 PEN/Robert W
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The score remains 1-1 at Bramall Lane with nine minutes left to play.
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Saudi Arabia is leading acampaign to drive back the Houthis.
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Now, intent on preserving that special treatment, it wants to squash the U.S
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The crowd walked the streets of a neighborhood, telling people to join the protest or else
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And although the early indications are that the Dragon might not have achieved quite the velocities anticipated, it certainly stepped through all of its flight phases successfully.
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The next biggest groups are children with difficulties remembering or concentrating (8%) and children with emotional, psychological and mental health (EPMH) disabilities (8%).
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That toppled Taylor’s platform and buried 28 wells under sediment about 10 miles off Louisiana’s coast at a depth of roughly 475 feet
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District Judge Thelton Henderson wrote "imposition of discipline is meaningless if it is not final."
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The researchers pointed out that an estimated 5-11% of births in Europe are preterm, and while one-third of these are medically indicated, e.g
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"The majority of Americans now believe there's nothing wrong with sex before marriage
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Lebanon has been without a president for nearly a year, as the Iranian-allied Hezbollah and the Saudi-backed Sunni bloc repeatedly fail to reach a compromise.
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When we last saw the Hamburglar, he was a husky, red-headed cartoon criminal who liked to wear prison attire
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We challenged the Conservative Party on defence
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When Finkel hears Longo used his name, it comes at a crucial time
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Regular eye tests can identify the early signs of AMD, leading to early diagnosis and treatment
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Another optimistic appeal, this time from Jordan
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Preston were clinging on during the latter stages of the match but they were worthy winners at the Proact Stadium.
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"We can win the fight against malaria
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states require children to be vaccinated before enrolling in school unless they have a medical waiver
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Thursday's final performance will air live on the More4 television channel, ending just as Parliament's clock tower delivers its 10 o'clock bongs.
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If sustained, it will have momentous implications for the world economy—as profound as the shift from wood to coal or coal to oil in previous centuries.
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"Hallows are a land form we didn't expect