WTI was little changed after the report.
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By 2050, more than 40% of the population will be over the age of 60.
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Some love the art while others treat artwork like a second home they never visit and simply find comfort knowing it's their property
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Despite this high-profile killing, by the turn of the century the separatists militants had failed to make much headway in their campaign against the French state
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We were a point off the relegation zone which is not easy.'
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The same system was expected to drop some 4 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
We also want to remind people never to drive through flood water: just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car.”
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In this week's episode of our satirical series What's Up Africa, Ikenna Azuike asks if US foreign policy has failed in South Sudan.
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The study found that 92% of those who went back to college recorded a significant increase in their cognitive capacity, compared to just 56% of those in the control group
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The ruling right-wing Popular Party (PP), headed by the country's increasingly unpopular Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, took 123 seats of a 350-member parliament, with 28.7 percent of the vote
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That was a bit lower than its previous estimate of 2.1 percent, a result of less restocking by businesses than previously estimated.
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But when it builds up in the body, crystals may form and lead to gout.
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Kellingley is the last deep coal mine to close in England, bringing to an end centuries of coal mining in Britain
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Plus, WSJ's Clare Ansberry joins Lunch Break to discuss children's beliefs in Santa
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Abdoullah C appeared in court alongside another suspect, Abraimi Lazez, according to reports
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Parliament will start reviewing the changes in February.
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crude inventories, but prices stayed near multi-yearlows as global supplies remained abundant and OPEC lowered the demand outlookfor its exports.
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Iranian leaders complained in recent days that the new requirements contradict elements of the landmark nuclear deal reached earlier this year with Iran, the U.S
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Whenplayers send their friends and enemies Christmas Cards from out ofthe trenches, they will automatically participate in a daily giveaway
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Last quarter's expansion was significantly below the 3.9 percent annual GDP growth in the second quarter
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Graphic fiction and non-fiction are both highly respected genres
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It also claimed its ubiquitous Nesquik bunny promotes "a physically active, energetic character who could promote a healthy lifestyle."
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"My message is I'd like the whole world to open its doors to Syrians
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There are many scientific studies that support the theory of a self-fulfilling prophecy
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There is an operator that can actually talk to people around the robot, there is a loudspeaker and microphone in the robot
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A couple of words of kindness can .lead to a new sense of worth and connection.
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He had to release a valve to partially depressurise his suit so he could squeeze back inside.
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The Web-based "cryptocurrency" is used to move money around quickly and anonymously with no need for a central authority
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Apple Music offers a number of particularly compelling features, and excels over Play Music in some aspects
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The company's strengths can be seen in multiple areas, such as its increase in net income, revenue growth, good cash flow from operations, growth in earnings per share and notable return on equity
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Nevertheless, Mr Wainwright sees the risk as worth taking for the sake of securing even greater prosperity in the future
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But it's hard to take him as serious once you realized the guy giving you the death grip is too sexy for himself.
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Where is he now I don’t know.”
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"Pneumococcal disease can have very serious ramifications and it is important that awareness increases
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LONDON, Dec 23 The dollar held steady in thinnedtrading on Wednesday after data painted a mixed picture of theU.S
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Forward Kyle O’Quinn is also dealing with a sprained ankle
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Colored interchangeable lenses are key and this one has four
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Police said Witheridge, 23, had been raped and bludgeoned to death and Miller, 24, suffered blows to his head.
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I wouldn't have blamed my neighbours or friends for saying, 'All this was going on and you didn't tell us about it'" she writes.
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The report also looks at the impact of loneliness on people’s lives
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These cards appear to be most popular among the millennial demographic, according to NPD Group retail analyst Marshal Cohen
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But Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday gave in to a demand by some opposition members for a review by a parliamentary panel
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The company just shipped the latest iteration of the Apple TV on Oct
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We thought when SCA happens, you call 911 and it’s curtains for 90 percent of people
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To try means that failure becomes a realistic option
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Change is the political buzz word from the left.
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There are also early signs that businesses are offering higher pay to attract and keep workers.
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Bray, who was the lead author of the Working Group review.
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For a contemporary look, the Wanders Diamond stove has a double-faceted angular front glass that gives a great view of the fire from both sides of the room
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