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Zoe Karssen is our queen of the slogan tank and we love her 'It Was All A Dream' design

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"Pneumococcal disease can have very serious ramifications and it is important that awareness increases

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She hears about mass shootings through news broadcasts and newspaper headlines

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The former Boston Celtics player took to his Twitter account to announce that a museum in his honor is being built in Beijing

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Yet the Internet is still buzzing about the incident, largely because it was...

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Striking the balance perfectly between feminine and formal, it’s as fab for the office as for a Saturday lunch teamed with a pair of jeans and ankle boots

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Among individual stocks, Murphy Oil rose $1.25, or 5.5 percent, to $23.56, ConocoPhillips rose $2.28, or 5 percent, to $48.53 and Halliburton was up $1.28, or 4 percent, to $35.31

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The Department of Health said e-prescribing could reduce medication errors by up to 50 per cent and technology could alert doctors and nurses to medical problems or mistakes.

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"I've always been a positive person, so it was odd when I started to feel low and withdrawn

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That’s a different player than even last year

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Once, off duty, he chased down a stabbing suspect

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So then it was freshman Tommy Fiedler’s turn

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“I don’t think any news organization has done this on new year’s eve

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It’s also unclear whether any other politician running for president has made a similar appearance on an entertainment program ringing in the new year.

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The body represents manufacturers of over-the-counter medicines, says that this can be the case even if products contain the same active ingredient.

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"My second pregnancy was all very normal and routine up until the 28-week scan when a problem was detected

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How much water are we consuming" Dr Jaramillo said, highlighting the worldwide uncertainty regarding the numbers on human water consumption.

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It was a scene in the movie I later realized I had put the entire crew through shooting, only to cut it.”

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"What the Monson family suffered, what LaMarr has suffered should not happen," he says

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Citing her Apostolic Christian beliefs defining marriage as a union exclusively reserved for heterosexual couples, Davis spent five days in jail for defying an order by U.S

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Two issues immediately came to mind - my sister's wedding less than three weeks later, and my fertility.

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A successful Copenhagen artist, Wegener began in the 1920s presenting himself under the name Lili Elbe, while married to an equally successful painter, Gerda Wegener

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"I don't think a lot of people who do it really understand how it makes other people feel."

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His biggest highlight play was the 99-yard pick-six of Tom Brady in Week 13, sparking the Eagles to an upset win at Gillette Stadium

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A Chinese translation of a fuzzy photo of a busy PowerPoint slide implies Apple will break pattern and launch a low-end, smaller iPhone soon

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I tried to explain that it had bugs in it, but he and his brother Jacob, four, were very freaked out about it.

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In the morning we would go biking and then in the afternoon we did other sports like squash, badminton, swimming, paddle tennis, volleyball...

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Journalists cannot and should not snub The Donald

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Ballet really doesn't get more gauche than that.

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Looking back, I ask, can he trace the existential fears that surface in Fungus the Bogeyman to the loss of his parents and his first wife “Well, not consciously

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"Business investment is still somewhat shaky, given the state of the manufacturing sector and the fact that it's been underperforming the rest of the economy," said Gennadiy Goldberg, U.S

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According to Black's calculations, if the 3.2 million copies were laid end-to-end, it would have circled the planet's 40,000-kilometre circumference seven times.

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But when the mask came off, Ren's character became unfocused, frail and looked as if he was about to cry at any moment; "weak" emotions that lead to his defeat

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In the event that officers are required, we need calls to reach us swiftly

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in which case, go and turn it off

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Federal minister for Atomic Energy Jitendra Singh told parliament this month that talks were going on with French and U.S

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We are suppose to see a flicker of light in the catacombs of Kylo Ren, and infer that he is asking his father to pry him from dark side's pull

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