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The art-deco Siam hotel in Bangkok has a calm aura thanks to its riverside setting in the exclusive royal Dusit quarter
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She stepped out in a grey version which are ideal for the winter months
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Polls will open at 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT)
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The brush reefs provide nesting and rearing habitat for gamefish, as well as creating homes for invertebrates and smaller fish that provide food for larger fish
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This doesn’t address whether Binge On reduces non-participating videos to 480p resolution.
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crude oil prices plunged to as much as $25 a barrel below global prices due to a build-up of swelling U.S
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“I did the unspeakable,” Feliciano told NYPD investigators at the 49th Precinct last Saturday
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Rousey did manage to finish ahead of presidential candidate Donald Trump, who came in at No
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Her jaw had been broken with enough force that some of her teeth were knocked out.
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It had hit an eight-month low of $1.4806 on Tuesday,with analysts citing growing concerns about a British exit fromEurope following a referendum on the issue which could be heldas early as June.
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Watch for 1:28 minutes of absolute hilarity, featuring the two CEOs comparing "rocket" sizes, and racing each other on a Tesla Model S and an Amazon Prime Air drone, ultimately blowing themselves up.
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A study of the impact of this new programme found that post-treatment, 50% of those who had taken part were either in remission and/or recovered from their symptoms
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"Problem is that his mum [doesn't] like me all." The boyfriend's mum, the message continues, thinks that the woman - a university graduate - is too well-educated to go out with her son.
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But check out these brand new beauties
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In Sardinia, Okinawa and Ikaria, to name three of these hotspots, it is normal to live longer than 100 years
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Our research investigates the amount of stress chordae tendinae can endure and for how long, prior to rupture, which can lead to a number of conditions.
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The case came as the total number of migrants and refugees crossing into Europe this year surpassed 1 million, marking a fourfold increase from 2014
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An update will be provided as soon as secured information is available.”
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On Tuesday, the Washington Post published a cartoon by Ann Telnaes, the paper's editorial cartoonist, that portrayed Cruz dressed as Santa Claus and his two daughters as trained monkeys on leashes
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Democrats often say the modern GOP has lurched so far right that a time-traveling Ronald Reagan couldn't win the party's presidential nomination today
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It is caused by the herpes varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox
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REUTERS/Yusran Uccang/Antara Foto
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He returned in September to sing three performances of the Count di Luna at the Met, including one televised worldwide
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In 1914 French, German and British troops held aremarkable truce during Christmas
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We wanted to see if this relationship also was true also for children growing up with dogs in their homes.
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We ignore that at our peril”.
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That decrease brings the total rig count down to about a third of the 1,499 oil rigs operating in same week a year ago
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Bristol-Myers reported $466 million in global third-quarter sales of Eliquis, which won U.S
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He reportedly had been trying to get out of his room when the building collapsed, and the door panel created a space for him to survive.
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A bright red box on the painkiller shelf in the US is probably Tylenol while a deep blue packet in the US triggers an association with Advil.
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This is an area where lonely people should be encouraged to join a small circle of other people with matching and shared interests
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goods pricier overseas, and cheaper oil, which has caused widespread job cuts in oil patch states.
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Gift cards, according to the above mentioned NRF, ranked as the most-requested holiday gift for the ninth consecutive year in its annual survey
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"I want him to tell me what he did."
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Life is too short to complain about free stuff.
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Market analysts' expected a crude-stock gain of 1.1 million barrels.
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"People are generally much more cautious when buying medicine."
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