At this stage, the baby is most sensitive to environmental exposures, such as poor nutrient intake and excess weight gain by the mother.
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"Two things struck me that were most fascinating
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But “we believe that to a certain extent, [the figures] have been a bit overstated.”
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The world has made several big strides against major diseases that afflict the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people in 2015
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Mallory said the officer who arrested her is a white man and is on his regularly scheduled days off.
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The Met Office would start again with another name beginning with ‘A’
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Investigators earlier this month accused the former billionaire of involvement in the 1998 murder of a Siberian mayor
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Now, it's also been selected as The Associated Press Entertainer of the Year and is amassing support for Academy Awards consideration
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Veteran Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice J
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On top of some interesting multi-tasking experiments like Xbox Snap, the One has a lot of small-yet-helpful usability benefits, like button remapping
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We are working in close collaboration with Honda and NHTSA to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding this tragic situation
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He shared in our national championships and we are proud his name is on our field -- it's very deserving.
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MLB applied for its OFAC license in early June, MLB Chief Legal Officer Dan Halem told Reuters
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Some suggest the measure is effectively a new sanction against the Islamic Republic that could jeopardize the nuclear deal.
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A Muslim alliance called the Seleka seized power in March 2013
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He said "I've met so many wonderful people, all over the world
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Flooding affected as many as 6,425 in Cumbria, with evacuations, loss of power and some communities completely cut off.
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Both later retracted their confessions, saying they had been made under duress.
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It's covered in Gorilla Glass, so it's durable.
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He determined the murder weapon was the bloody toilet tank lid that police found discarded on the living room floor of the apartment
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Alternatively, get it off your chest in one of the slogan jumpers we've found for you elsewhere
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Chuck Putney”, an 82-year-old ”financial advisor based in Walnut Creek, California, says it's also important for people to maintain a long-term perspective when making financial choices
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The Christmas holiday and its drum beatings have nothing to with Islam."
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No one wants to hear your twelve point plan that's taken months to get approved
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I’m just being straightforward.”
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