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There's only One Direction all this cavorting about with ladies take the jailhouse with a legion of 1D fans and straight onto Fashion Finder's style radar of course

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Our planet’s future depends on the viability and steady technological advancement of city-based infrastructure.

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It sold the cargo to merchant trading giant Vitol Group, which will probably send it to Europe, according to two people familiar with the transaction

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But another big year in 2015 pushed the company's value past established media rivals like CBS and made it about the same size as Time Warner

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I want my dancers to be generous with the audience

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Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wipes his eyes after speaking during the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's final report in Ottawa, Canada, December 15, 2015

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So click (right) to buy it now.

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LOS ANGELES ( - Update, Wednesday, Dec

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A century later a group of MPs campaigned to have it melted down.

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I got a surprise, however, when I tried writing with the iPad Pro in a portrait instead of a landscape orientation

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The Standard & Poor's 500index was up 0.9 percent.

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Costumes look like they come from film rather than being dance-adapted because we want the audience to relate to the scene.

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If Beckham’s suspension is upheld he will miss the Giants’ game in Minnesota on Sunday, and that will cost him 1/17th of his $893,009 salary

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"It speaks to how anomalous this is, that the records are being shattered by numerous degrees, not just 1 or 2 degrees."

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So now, Apple is taking another stab at the post-PC era with the iPad Pro.

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But don't be fooled by the title - the record is caustic, explicit and full of prickly putdowns, which focus as much on his own shortcomings as his passion for his bride.

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That percentage is sufficient to succeed in Republican caucuses and primaries (if you get the vote out), but it does not necessarily represent broad public support."

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A spokeswoman for Vitol could not immediately be reached for comment on where the oil was going

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“It’s an interesting way to raise the profile of a science committee,” said Holt, now chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

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That's more than double the rate in 2010, according to the Pew Research Center.

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In New Hampshire, Chris Christie is among the candidates who has followed the traditional model of retail politics most closely

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"Local parishioners raised money for a headstone and he now lies in a beautiful grave in a beautiful part of the English countryside."

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It sounds as if he was happy growing up as a child in Wimbledon

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“I wanted so badly to say, ”You guys have no idea

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In the U.S., about 23 million Takata air bag inflators have been recalled on 19 million vehicles sold by 12 auto and truck makers


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Washington should certainly continueto press China and others on issues on which they disagree,including censorship and cyber theft.

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"We're not the only team (struggling) in the league, in hockey

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There is a sliver of hope for crab lovers

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Its generic aspirin is yellow, the same as Anadin Original

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