Russia launched a major military air campaign over Syria in late September as part of an effort to support President Bashar al-Assad

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It probably took them years to think of that

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The REAL solution is to improve their network capacity and bandwidth, not limit what is already going over their network

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And far from being isolated, the elderly in these regions are honoured and kept at the heart of family and social life

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I often think that Catholic parishes could help the situation a bit, by having more social / outreach opportunities

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"Pharmacists are ideally positioned to provide advice and assistance to people with asthma to help them gain control over their condition

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For close to two weeks, protesters battled police clad in military gear

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You have your aims and targets and the aims are the same

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The residents appear to be profoundly grateful for the things they have received - thick cotton coats to keep them warm and heavy blankets for their beds.

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The biggest loser was Chesapeake Energy, down almost 80 percent in 2015.

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If the ban continues to be upheld, its athletes could miss the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August.

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The tour of the house then goes outside, where there is a swimming pool and soccer practise net

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Swimmers jump off a jetty to escape the summer heat at Henley Beach, west of Adelaide, December 17, 2015

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But supplies are limited, and prices are high, in some cases, twice the usual amount

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He had a lot of ambition," Vela told KRGV-TV.

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Every morning, he went to each of the children's families but no-one even invited him in for breakfast

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However, he misses how he can flip a Wacom stylus around to erase in a manner similar to a real pencil (a feature Microsoft’s Surface stylus also builds in)

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"Both personal case studies and the research bring to life that people with MS and their families need extra support to ensure as high a quality of life as that of the general population

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If you take marijuana out of the mix there are only 11 million drug users

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Jesse Hughes (R) and Julian Dorio, members of Eagles of Death Metal band, mourn in front of the Bataclan concert hall to pay tribute to the shooting victims in Paris, France, December 8, 2015

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It took me five months to raise the issue again with my oncologist

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Liam Neeson and Will Smith also raked in less than $9 for every dollar of their paychecks.

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"You make a connection with them, and then you start a relationship

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23, 2015, that Lo will now compete for the award because she wrote the pop hit along with nominees Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzadeh and Ali Payami

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An unnamed coconspirators would ship cocaine to a Queens address.

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Please select the reason you are flagging this content: spam, trolling or just inappropriate

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Nicholas," better known as “”Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

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"Now I just need people to start voting so that can be either proven or disproven."

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Central Asia (Aral Sea), Middle East, areas around the Mediterranean - these are examples of most vulnerable."

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The use of historic losses to offset tax bills helped Bank of America avoid coughing up in 2014 and UBS to reduce its charge to a negligible amount

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It doesn't even account for the hits coming from the left

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Its remains have been discovered only in Mongolia, which criminalized the export of dinosaur fossils in 1924.

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Developers still have a lot to do in order to make the iPad Pro attractive

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Like any good quest story, Einstein’s begins with sense of something missing

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Meanwhile, people with type 2 diabetes were nine times more likely to experience a significant improvement when it comes to their diabetes.

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Hundreds of Shiites were reportedly killed in an army raid in Nigeria last Saturday

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"We've made great strides in our understanding of what drives eating behavior, how fat cells are formed and how metabolism is altered before and after the onset of obesity," says Bray

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It is a short season and the action really has to raise above and beyond the normal course and this certainly did.

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REUTERS/NASA/Handout via Reuters

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It might be tradition to pile your plate with a mountain of food on Christmas day, but your bowels won't thank you for it

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evidence against the two was overwhelming."

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"Detective Joseph Lemm epitomised the selflessness we can only strive for - putting his country and city first..

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I’ve got a very big fitness regime."

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Thousands of people were crowding into Manger Square, admiring the town's Christmas tree and listening to holiday music played by marching bands and scout troops

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Another 13 are slated to open nearby.

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The core PCE price index rose at an annualized rate of 1.3%, below estimates for 1.4% and unchanged from a month earlier.

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He bought doggie treats at a pet store as well.

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Parents under economic pressure said that they felt less close

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The Wuzhen summit left no room for optimism

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Taking its iconic inspiration to the present day, the ”Jackie’ shoulder bag joins timeless notes with the classic piston closure and versatile modern design

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Excessive oral doses often lead to involuntary movements, or dyskinesia.

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And the brunette actress hot us all happy again with her latest style choice, wowing with this shoulder bag from Givenchy which oozes effortless chic thanks to its crossbody strap and washed-leather

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