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Ted Cruz trails at 18 percent — an improvement since the last CNN/ORC poll in November, but still a distant second to Trump
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The bank pointed to uncertainties related to fiscal policies as a key factor keeping inflation naggingly high
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Gerda’s erotic nudes begin to feature Lili’s demure smile
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They found that women who reported symptoms of depression were more likely to sit for longer periods
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Astronauts typically work in teams of two "buddies" on a spacewalk
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Speaking to members of Pontifical Academy for Life, the Pope quite rightly noted that the oldest members of our society deserve our gratitude and charity
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The American Civil Liberties Union has asked Bunning to order Davis to reissue the licenses, but Bunning has made no decision
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She had hard, nobbly, tender liver swelling with a large fungating breast mass
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The deniers are not only on the wrong side of science and history, but on the wrong side of most voters
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Those with depression were more likely to be unmarried, have diabetes, and smoke compared to those without depression.
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That gay men must undergo 12 months of celibacy – regardless of marriage, monogamy or protections used – is impractical
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Dos Anjos won the fight via unanimous decision, giving the fans an exciting new lightweight champion.
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Rubio was the subject of two critical front-page stories in the Washington Post, and absorbed blows from conservative talk radio hosts who prefer Cruz and Trump.
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Pickering II was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
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Student Union president Alex Johnson, 20, was part of the team at the Manchester show, and is one of the seven students going to Andorra
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Another alternative for patients has been to get the medication from a compounding pharmacy, which can make it to order using widely available chemical ingredients
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If he wanna take it as a threat, it was a threat," the motion said.
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The gap between the two benchmarks is down over 95% since its 2015 peak reached earlier in the year.
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Nasa is tracking more than 500,000 pieces of human-made space junk orbiting Earth - anything from abandoned spacecraft to launch debris
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The rate of alcohol-induced deaths has increased since 2002 by 37 percent.
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Statues are lightning rods, symbols of the prevailing values of the society
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This exact thing happened to me the day after after Binge On started
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Israeli emergency services officers evacuate the body of a Palestinian assailant form the site outside Jerusalem’s Old City, Wednesday, Dec
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McKenzie allegedly set up the hit and drove the getaway car in the slaying of 31-year-old Brandon Woodard in broad daylight on W
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The energy performance certificate summed it up: a miserably low rating put the house in the last but one category for energy efficiency
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Use second slice of white bread to mop up the fat on the plate, then place on top of the sandwich.
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Since his release Swift sunk into addiction
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The landslide covered an area of nearly 650,000 square feet -- equivalent to more than 70 football fields -- in the Guangming New District on Shenzhen’s outskirts
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Now I also got fed up with VZW’s mighty LTE network throttling me down to under 1mbps download… I couldn’t even get a good reliable signal in my office building
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Netflix has enjoyed top billing before: it was the biggest gainer in the S&P 500 in 2010 and 2013, and more than tripled in value both years
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However, you can email the knife maker, put someone you love on the wish list, and get notified when they become available.
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9, 2015 file photo, King Salman of Saudi Arabia opens the 36th session of the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit in Riyadh
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A bright red box on the painkiller shelf in the US is probably Tylenol while a deep blue packet in the US triggers an association with Advil.
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A secure computer the size of a micro SD card, it can be integrated into devices — so a computer within a computer — to ensure that communications can’t be hacked or data hijacked
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Samri said he had apparently been hurt by police gunfire at the assailants.
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Since then there have been more than 1,600 reported cases
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"Of the patients with BRCA1 truncations in the germline, 90% have this BRCA1 truncation enriched in the tumor, regardless of cancer type."
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Laura Jacobus declined to say how far along the company's application is
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In the mid-1990s, "Amanda" - who asked the BBC to withhold her name - was a crack addict living on Detroit's west side
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Leon's relatives do this for all big family milestones
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I'll do it,’” Davis said
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Kadee Ingram, 28, holds her son Sean, 2, at SHARE/WHEEL Tent City 3 outside Seattle, Washington October 13, 2015
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There are many scientific studies that support the theory of a self-fulfilling prophecy
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Believed to be the first - and only - Indian flying ace of WW1, he accounted for nine enemy aircraft in 13 days
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